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A pocket full of beans! Sprouted lentil pita pockets: lacto-vegetarian

At our house, left over lentils get stuffed into pita pockets for lunch the next day. These nifty little lentil pockets pack a delicious, nutrient punch with tons of fiber, phyto-nutrients and healthy fats. The dog days of summer make … Continue reading

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Whole grains and fiber: Unraveling the puzzle!

In the last post, “Putting the “whole” back into grains”, we looked at the numerous health benefits that “premium carbs” aka high quality carbohydrates, bring to the table. Let’s now look at what it takes to bring these foods to our kitchen … Continue reading

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Putting the “whole” back into grains. Saying no to “refined”!

Carbs: To eat or not to eat?: With the inevitable ebb and flow in the popularity of macronutrients, the average consumer is in a quandary as to whether he should consume carbs or not, and if there is really some credence … Continue reading

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