If You’ve Replaced Olive Oil with Coconut Oil, You Must Read This

Dear fellow-bloggers and readers,

Do you know at least one person ( and it just might be you??!), who has recently tossed out olive oil in favor of coconut oil? Or who has been adding coconut milk to smoothies? Or in their morning cup of joe?? Coconut has been touted by some as the next super-food, but is it really all it’s cracked up to be?? Learn more about the relationship between saturated fats, MCTs and LCTs and health.

Last June, when my blog was barely 2 months old, I had published a post stating the scientific evidence behind coconut and it’s purported benefits.  However, many of you, my newer followers may have not had a chance to read that post. Last month, The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’, “Food and Nutrition” Magazine published my article, discussing the research and separating the facts from the hype. I’m posting that article here today, please read…I would love to get your feedback..

Source: If You’ve Replaced Olive Oil with Coconut Oil, You Must Read This

About Sangeeta Pradhan RD, CDE

Hi there! Welcome to my blog! If you are confused with all the conflicting messages you get bombarded with every day on carbs, fats, proteins, gluten and anything you can think of related to nutrition, look no further! The purpose of my blog is to cut through all this clutter, utilizing scientific, evidence based guidelines to help you, the consumer, navigate the complex, dietary landscape, and thus empower you to make informed decisions.
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17 Responses to If You’ve Replaced Olive Oil with Coconut Oil, You Must Read This

  1. Very interesting read!
    Like you, I’m also not thrilled with all the processed foods that claim to use “healthy” oils or other “super food” ingredients. I do use coconut oil occasionally, but it doesn’t go well with most of the foods I cook, not to mention it is quite expensive.
    I for one would not toss away my olive oil or butter, for reasons of flavor and texture. I’m with the “everything in moderation” slogan. It works well for me so far. 🙂

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  2. Great feedback, Ronit!! As mentioned in the post, like any other saturated fat, small amounts of coconut are perfectly acceptable in the context of an overall healthy diet. Unlike fats in processed meats such as bacon, hot dogs etc, coconut is a pure form of saturated fat, and it does have some redeeming qualities such as anti-microbial properties. The concern arises when folks start using it as a staple in the diet, using it indiscriminately, to replace fats with established health benefits. Thank you so much for your contribution:))!

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  3. Couldn’t agree more! I try to explain it to some of my clients, who unfortunately tend to follow these fads religiously, (and then ditch one “super food” for another) but it’s not always easy to… There is so much money that is put into pushing these “miracles” it’s no wonder it works…

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  4. smilecalm says:

    Appreciate the review of research on coconut oils and their recent fad diet status. I concur that small amounts can fit into many people’s diets. I certainly like the taste from time to time. Keep up the good work compassionately helping others consume mindfully 🙂

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  5. You said it! This is why I am trying in my own way to cut through the clutter and just tell it like it is:)

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  6. And it is greatly appreciated! 🙂

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  7. Thank you so much for your kind and supportive feedback as always! Really appreciate it. Yes, I use coconut too, but very sparingly as you might note in many of my recipes. Many Indian and South East Asian curries call for coconut, and I make my own, strained coconut milk with less than half the saturated fat…it adds flavor without the saturated fat and calories, giving you the best of both worlds:))


  8. Thanks, Elizabeth; appreciate the feedback:))

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  9. ashokbhatia says:

    Well said. I believe all oils have unique properties. Howsoever the down-with-cholesterol lobby might terrorize us, it makes sense to take all kinds in moderation. Mustard oil, for example.

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  10. Hi Ashok,
    Thank you very much for your feedback. I agree with you that we need to practice moderation, not react to hype. Mustard oil contains unsaturated fats, which are known to have favorable effects on your cholesterol profile. As with any other food, moderation is advised. Appreciate your input:))


  11. dgkaye says:

    Great article Sangeeta. To me, everything is moderation. I love coconut oil when cooking certain things. I mostly sautee in olive oil otherwise. There is a place for all healthy foods to be incorporated in the diet used in appropriate measure. And I use coconut oil for hair and skincare as well. 🙂

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  12. Congratulations! Because of your article, I made sure my coconut oil was balanced by several healthy oils — mainly olive oil, a little butter, nuts and avocado. Thanks.

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  13. Thanks, Debbie, and totally agree! AS mentioned in the article, like other forms of saturated fat, notably butter, one should incorporate small amounts of coconut as desired into the recommended 7-10% daily saturated fat allowance. The concern arises with indiscriminate use, which is the current trend in some circles. I make a reduced fat coconut milk for Indian and South East Asian curries as in this fish curry recipe. And yes, it is absolutely wonderful for your hair, making it lush and thick, I do use it on mine when I can. Love the feedback:)

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  14. Awesome, thanks Julia! Looks like you really put the principles outlined in the article, into practice. All about putting stuff in perspective, isn’t it??! Thank you for sharing your experience:)) Have a great weekend!

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