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Summer salad w/awesome, avocado dressing, vegetarian, gluten free!

The awesome avocado: High in heart-healthy, mono-unsaturated fats, rich in potassium, and with  a hefty serving of fiber, this fruit ( yes, avocados are fruits), is just brimming with goodness, coming pretty close I dare say, to what I would … Continue reading

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Nutrition Experts Podcast with Mathea Ford, RD, MBA: You can alter your brain’s chemistry at any age!

  Hi fellow-bloggers and readers, Last month I was interviewed by Mathea Ford, RD, MBA, on her weekly “Nutrition experts podcast”, on the topic of  how modifiable risk factors such as diet and exercise can actually change your brain! Emerging … Continue reading

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Can you eat and exercise your way to a smart brain? Don’t miss the results of promising new research!

Brain boosting foods: A slew of research in experimental animal models as well as human beings demonstrates that certain dietary components may actually  impact brain function and cognitive ability, opening up novel and exciting approaches to manipulate one’s diet to enhance memory and cognitive … Continue reading

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