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The Asian Paradox: What puts Asians and South Asians at a higher risk for Type 2 diabetes!

The Asian Paradox: What every Asian must know! Type 2 diabetes is among the fastest growing diseases in the world due to a combination of unfavorable changes in modifiable risk factors and a high genetic susceptibility in certain populations. Asia … Continue reading

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Chew on this: The Fibrous Facts!!

In a previous post, we had a sneak preview about the two types of fiber and their indispensable role in the body. In this post, we will investigate the current evidence based research on the established health benefits, which are innumerable. Here are a … Continue reading

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Blog evaluationof a fellow graduate student: New to Pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes

If you are new to prediabetes/diabetes and looking for simple and straightforward answers to your most pressing questions on this condition, you have come to the right place.  This blog, https://newtotypetwo.wordpress.com/ anticipates and answers your questions in plain and simple English. … Continue reading

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