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Chocolate in a nut shell: Some delicious facts you should know!

The sweet facts! With Valentine’s Day today, I hope you have had a chance to dive into the delicious, silken smoothness, of  the molten chocolate lava cake featured earlier this week. Very few folks can pass up the allure of real chocolate, but is it … Continue reading

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Sweet, enticing and dangerous??: The truth behind sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup!

The sugar debate, (reminiscent of the fat debate) rages on with folks on either side of the aisle taking strong positions, as is true with most debates- especially those waged over politics, religion and of course…food! The shocking truth: What, … Continue reading

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Chew on this: The Fibrous Facts!!

In a previous post, we had a sneak preview about the two types of fiber and their indispensable role in the body. In this post, we will investigate the current evidence based research on the established health benefits, which are innumerable. Here are a … Continue reading

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